Boat Oil Additives and Lubricant

Use Micro-Armor 1000 in your lower unit oil to protect critical metal parts, increase horsepower, and reduce operating temperatures. Your engine will run better and longer with less breakdowns.

Micro-Armor 6000 Grease has no equal when it comes to reducing friction on your motors moving parts. Our higher tack, water-resistant Micro-Armor 5000 Open Gear Grease works great for the hubs on your boat trailer and those other exposed areas.

Try Micro-Armor 4000 Spray Lubricant for hinges, springs, chains, and those other hard to reach areas.

Micro-Armor Benefits

  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Reduces wear on all metal components
  • Increases compression and horsepower
  • Dramatically extends the life of metal parts