Construction and Industrial Oil Additives and Lubricant

Micro-Armor's Advanced Technology Lubricants provide incredible protection for those heavy-duty construction and industrial applications.

Use Micro-Armor 1000 in your engine to protect critical metal parts, increase horsepower, and reduce operating temperatures. Your engine will run better and longer with less breakdowns. Add it to the oil in your gear boxes and hubs to run much smoother while dramatically reducing heat. Also, Micro-Armor 1000 works great in your hydraulic systems and compressors too.

Micro-Armor 6000 Grease has no equal when it comes to reducing friction and protecting bearings and other greased areas. Our higher tack, water-resistant Micro-Armor 5000 Open Gear Grease works great for those exposed areas.

Try Micro-Armor 4000 Spray Lubricant for rollers, hinges, springs, chains, and those other hard to reach areas.

Micro-Armor Benefits