“In our business good lubrication can be the difference between getting to the winner’s circle or going home with a broke car. I wouldn’t think of running without Micro-Armor anymore. Someone I trusted in the industry gave me a bottle of Micro-Armor 1000 Engine and Oil Treatment. Immediately our engine temperature dropped from 220F to 180F. The car even seemed to be more responsive on the throttle. We were so impressed we went back to the store and bought the Micro-Armor 4000 Spray Lube and Micro-Armor 6000 Grease. Since we started spraying the heim joints and suspension with Micro-Armor, we haven’t even heard a squeak. And try jacking your car up and spinning the tire with your current grease. Then pack the wheel bearings with Micro-Armor grease and watch it spin. Spin it after you’ve run it in a race and you’ll be even more amazed.

- Rusty Schlenk, Jackson, MI

"This is a product that I would feel very confident in telling family and friends to use."

- J.O., Oswalt, CO

"There is NOTHING on the market like Micro-Armor."

- G.J., Van Nuys, CA

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for introducing me to your great product! I have tried it and have had good results in several vehicles. When I used it in my diesel suburban, I immediately noticed less smoke on cold start, lower temperature when warm, and easier acceleration under load. While I did not measure fuel efficiency, the impression was that I got further on a tank! I had an old smoky riding lawn mower that was clearly on its last legs. Your product caused the smoke to disappear and the motor got its old power back. I sold it and made $500. My Toyota 4-Runner was next, with similar results. The 4 cylinder motor acted more like a spring chicken than an old ride! So in conclusion, I would recommend your product to anyone, and would feel like I did them a favor by doing so!"

- S.Y., Boulder, CO

"I drive a 1997 Freightliner FLD 120 with a Detroit 120 Series engine that has 935,000 miles. Within one day of adding the Micro-Armor 1000 to my engine, the heavy black smoke that used to pour out of my stack was gone. On my next 10,000 mile change I saw that I burned 2 gallons of oil less than I normally do. The engine even starts much easier. I'm impressed!"

- C.H., Fort Gratiot, MI

"This letter is to inform you of the results we've had using Micro-Armor products. We run 12 mixer trucks:

We also have 1 Cat 966D loader, and 1 Komatsu W120.

As you know, our mixer trucks operate in an environment filled with very fine, abrasive dust particles. At the end of May we began introducing Micro-Armor 1000 Oil Treatment into the engine oil. Later on in the summer we began putting it into the rear ends, transmission, power steering, axle bearings, and into the hydraulic systems. The results varied truck by truck, but we experience more power, increased RPMs, , apparent increase in fuel economy, lower operating temperatures and the engine oil staying tremendously cleaner between changes.

Oil consumption was substantially reduced in those units which burned oil - so much so that the savings in oil is greater than the cost of the Micro-Armor used in those units.

Finally, we have started using the Micro-Armor 4000 penetrating spray on door hinges and locks and other areas, and have found that the lubricating effect lasts from 3 to 4 months in this dusty environment.

We are firmly convinced of the many ongoing benefits of the Micro-Armor Technology and Products."

- E.W., Marysville, MI

"It works! It really works!"

- T.D., Port Huron, MI

I've won a lot of races using the Micro-Armor Technology, said Langestein. In my position I have the ability to test and evaluate just about every grease and oil product out there. I have turned down many opportunities to consult and endorse a variety of products. Micro-Armor is a great fit because it not only gives me an edge in my racecars, but I also use it in my personal vehicles and equipment. Micro-Armor's ability to reduce friction, reduce temperatures and add horsepower maybe the advantage you need to win the race, but it also reduces stress on meatal parts making your car's engine, your tractor, your lawn mower, or whatever else last longer.

- Charlie Langenstein, Hendrick Motorsports.